Sunday, December 4, 3:00 pm

AFI Silver Theatre

Israel, 2010, feature

50 minutes
English and Hebrew with English subtitles
Director: Evgeny Ruman

DC Premiere 

Special Jury Mention and Special Prize to a Lead Actor, Haifa International Film Festival 2010
Grisha is a chef with his own very unique ideas about food.  He has almost given up on his dream of opening a restaurant when a rich uncle in Russia dies and leaves all of his money to his beloved nephew for the very purpose of opening a restaurant.  But there is a catch.  The uncle was a sworn Communist all of his life and, to get the money, Grisha must dedicate the restaurant to the sacred values of Communism.  What matters to Grisha is not ideology, but his dream.  But how can he overcome the demands of his uncle's will, his own father's objections, a staff that suddenly takes up Communist ideals and the challenge of finding a statue of Lenin in Israel?


UK, 2004, experimental documetary
10 minutes
Director: Jes Benstock

Best of Festival, London Short Film Festival 2005
Armed with a camera, humor and a warm heart, Benstock (The Holocaust Tourist) explores his family history of murder, migration, suicide and survival in an attempt to free his young son from his family's complex legacy.  Poignant and funny, this documentary brings to light some simple but elusive truths about love in troubled families

CO-SPONSORED BY the Embassy of Israel and the America-Irael Cultural Foundation