Sunday December 4, 5:15 pm

Greenberg Theatre
at American University

Australia Sheli

Israel/Poland, 2011, feature
100 minutes
Polish and Hebrew with English subtitles
Director: Ami Drozd

DC Premiere

Audience Award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2011
Young Tadek (Jakub Wroblewski) and his older brother are growing up fatherless, streetwise and Catholic in mid-1960s Poland. They spend their days as part of a neo-Nazi gang that beats up Jews for fun. When they are arrested, their mother, Halina (Aleksandra Poplawska), secretly a Holocaust survivor, uses her good looks and a pack of lies to get them freed. But she can no longer live a lie herself and decides to tell the boys that they are, in fact, Jewish and moving to Australia, the country of Tadek’s dreams. But that, too, is a lie. In reality, the family migrates to Israel, where Halina cannot find work. Desperate, she takes the boys to live with other children on a kibbutz where, as the shock sets in, each boy must make difficult adjustments to their new life, religion and home.





THE 36 
USA, 2011, short

7 minutes
Director: Nic Weinfeld

DC Premiere

Youngest Filmmaker Award, Boonies International Film Festival 2011
Silver Sierra Award, Yosemite Film Festival 2011
Spring, 1945. When a young Jewish girl is attacked outside her window, an old Polish woman is given the opportunity to do nothing…or the right thing. The filmmaker, 16 years old at the time he made the film, explores the Jewish concept of Lamed vav Zaddkim, that there are 36 people placed on earth in each generation to do what is right and good.

CO-SPONSORED BY the Embassy of Poland, Embassy of Israel, America-Israel Cultural Foundation and American University Center for Israeli Studies