Wednesday, December, 6:15 pm

Aaron & Cecile Goldman Theater
Washington DCJCC


USA, 2010, documentary
81 minutes
Directors: Scott Rosenfeld and Malachi Leopold

 When Phil Jacobs, then editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, (and now editor of the Washington Jewish Week), found what he believed to be clear evidence of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community, he began writing and publishing a series of articles. Fear had created an impenetrable wall of silence until Jacobs exposed the perpetrators and allowed the survivors to find a voice. Jacobs, himself an Orthodox Jew, recognized that his actions would lead to recriminations, but believed that his community would support him. Instead, he was ostracized and his family received death threats. But Jacobs remained determined to bring the story to light to help the hundreds of survivors, revealing a deep, personal truth that brings the film to a remarkable end.

POST-FILM DISCUSSON WITH Journalist, Phil Jacobs; Director, Scott Rosenfelt, and Therapist, Lisa Ferentz; moderated by Elissa Schwartz, Executive Director, the Greater Washington Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA)