Dir. Avi Nesher (104min, USA, 1999)

What starts as a routine tax evasion investigation quickly morphs into a cold blooded murder trial, full of unsavory and dangerous turns. Putting his paper-shuffling detective routine to the test in a world full of greed and gunplay, Al Benjamin (Joe Pantoliano) makes for an unlikely police hero – one guided by his working class ethos and strong moral compass.


Producer Dino De Laurentis convinced Avi Nesher to come to Hollywood after seeing his critically acclaimed Rage and Glory. Nesher’s initial work came as a writer, penning studio assignments for such filmmakers as Ron Howard and James Cameron. As part of this “Hollywood period”, Nesher wrote, produced and directed The Taxman which opened to extraordinary reviews: The New York Times called the film “A delight...a charmer of a mystery” and Jeffrey Lyons of NBC hailed it as “A cinematic gem...not to be missed!”

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"For civil servants like these, it's a delight to pay taxes."
-Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times


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