A deeply moving tale of a Hungarian Jewish boy and his quest for the meaning of his past. It screened as an Official Selection at the Berlin Film Festival in 2005. Based on the 2002 Nobel prize-winning novel by Imre Kertész and with an original score By Ennio Morricone, Fateless chronicles the attempts of 14-year-old Gyuri Koves to reconcile the unimaginable horror of having been incarcerated in German concentration camps.

On his return to Budapest Gyuri finds those around him treat him with indifference. His friends and neighbours encourage him to put the past behind him, while an intellectual sympathetic to the personal and political terror of his past repeatedly refers to the camps as “the lowest circle of Hell.” Gyuri finds neither comfort nor meaning in these clichés.

Director: Lajos Koltai 
Running time: 134 minutes
Genres: Drama and Jewish Identity 
Country: Hungary
Year: 2005