The Last Tribe is a fascinating historical insight, not just of the rise & integration of the Jewish community in one particular West Yorkshire city, but also the influence of that community on the shape of British society & culture throughout the 20th Century. The film is packed with captivating stories & accounts (some particularly emotional) from the Leeds’ Jewish community & local historians, that allows the viewer to get a real understanding of the struggles these people have faced fighting to be accepted into an initially prejudice society, as well as an understanding of this community’s contribution to the growth of Leeds as a city, it’s economy, it’s culture, as well as that of the rest of the country.

This isn’t just an important film for historians, but also for all the people of Leeds to see how their city has grown and been shaped over the last century and for the younger section of Britain’s Jewish community to see the trials and tribulations their parents, grandparents and ancestors have gone through, so that they may live in a far less prejudice UK today. 

Director: Simon Glass 
Running time: 69 minutes
Genres: Documentary, Jewish Identity, and Wellness 
Country: United Kingdom 
Year: 2011