Dir. Phillipe Lellouche (93min, France, 2012)
In French with English Subtitles

During the heat wave of July 1976, Claude and Isabelle spend their summer vacations with their two young sons, Simon (12) and Bibou (8), Isabelle’s mother, and two couples who are dear friends. Isabelle is originally from Brittany. She is the one who has chosen the small village of her birth, Rocher Abraham, as their summer destination. Claude is Jewish, originally from Algeria. Locals whose accent is as rough as their manners greet the group with suspicion.

The coexistence is not easy between Parisians and country-folk, Jews and Bretons. But, gradually, old resentments, past hatred and prejudices are swept away to make room for friendship, emotions, puppy-loves and rekindled romances. These are precious moments, never to be forgotten. In Rocher Abraham, twenty miles away from the sea, Bibou and Simon carve out for themselves an unforgettable summer. Their most memorable vacation!

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Above trailer does not include subtitles. The screening on December 24 will include English subtitles.


Tuesday, December 24, 7:30 pm


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