Dir. Nicole Gomez Fisher (95min, USA, 2013)

A zany comedy with its fair share of "ay dios mio" and "oy vey" moments, Sleeping With The Fishes charts one woman’s journey of self-discovery in a Latino Jewish home in Brooklyn. It’s safe to say Alexis Rodriguez Fish (Gina Rodriguez) has seen better days. The recent death of her cheating husband has left her both broke and broken-hearted. Trying to climb out of debt, Alexis has been reduced to juggling humiliating odd end jobs including a walking meatball hero. When she is forced to go back home by a distant aunt's funeral, Alexis realizes her life might just get worse before it gets any better.  

Once home, Alexis is confronted by her overbearing mother (Priscilla Lopez) the string of questionable choices she’s made since her husband's death. Suddenly re-immersed in her Latin and Jewish roots, Alexis feels like a fish out of water, and matters don’t get any easier when her sister signs Alexis up to coordinate a superhero-themed Bat Mitzvah. A comic slice-of-life adventure, Sleeping With Fishes features an incredible Latino cast of established and rising talent.

Director Nicole Gomez Fisher in person



Tuesday, December 10, 7:30 pm


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