Dir. Anna Wexler (90min, USA, 2013)
In English and Hebrew with English Subtitles

At sixteen, Anna Wexler had broken away from her Orthodox Jewish community in New Jersey, rejecting its religious doctrine and social restrictions, and severing ties to her family. She ran away from home, slept on the streets, and experimented with sex and drugs alongside friends who had also left the Orthodox world.However, after studying in Israel, her friends had a change of heart and returned to the fold. Feeling betrayed, Anna launches a quest to understand their transformation by following three rebellious Jewish teenagers in their yearlong rite-of-passage journey from high school to Israel. As Anna follows the characters, she confronts difficult truths about belief and happiness, and is forced to reckon with her past.

Director Anna Wexler and Producer Nadja Oertelt in conversation following the film.



Tuesday, May 20, 7:30 pm


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