Submission Guidelines


The Washington DCJCC will consider work suitable for exhibition in its public spaces. Theses spaces include:

  • The Ina & Jack Kay Community Hall – a multi-use program space with track lighting. Best for two-dimensional works, although some three-dimensional works are possible. (approximately 75 running feet)
  • The Harold and Barbara Berman Café – an operating café that serves lunch and dinner 5 days a week. Appropriate for 2-dimensional works behind glass/plexi. (approximately 35 running feet)
  • The 16th Street Steps – the ceremonial entrance to the DCJCC in-front of our historically protected façade. Works must be site-specific and not impede egress from the building.

When submitting a proposal please reference which space you would like us to consider using for your work. Also please note that all of the spaces in which art is displayed are multi-use spaces which are in regular use by a public that ranges in age from preschoolers to senior citizens.


The Washington DCJCC seeks to present visual art that speaks to its mission as an innovative Jewish community center in the nation’s capital. Accordingly, works that address topics in Jewish culture, history and religion are of particular interest; especially when they approach familiar topics in new and unexpected ways. At its best the art on our walls should engage the viewer regardless of their background to think in new ways about Jewish culture, history and/or religion. 

Of equal interest are works that connect those themes in Jewish life to the broader culture in America and beyond, and which demonstrate the dynamic fusion and tension of intercultural encounters.

Additionally, we will consider works that address our diverse local community in Washington, DC.

All content must be appropriate for viewing by an audience with a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.


Please submit a proposal which includes images of the specific works you would like to exhibit, the space you feel would be best to exhibit them in along with an artist’s statement, resume and references. All submissions are reviewed by DCJCC staff, but because of the large volume of proposals we receive we will only contact you if we would like to exhibit your work. Unfortunately, because of our small staff, we cannot provide a portfolio critique so please do not call or email to follow-up.

With rare exceptions, all work should be ready to hang when delivered to the Washington DCJCC.

Should work be made available for sale, the Washington DCJCC will collect a 40% commission on all sales during and resulting from the exhibition. All exhibitions are promoted online and in select print materials. Opening receptions are a possibility but not mandatory.

Submissions may be sent to: or mailed to:

Lauren Kessler
Washington DCJCC
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036