We are proud to welcome authors to the EDCJCC throughout the year. These programs provide our community with a chance to hear from writers about their lives and works, as well as opportunities to think deeply about arts and ideas, about authors and stories, and timely topics.

THURSDAY, JULY 20, 7:30 PM-9:00 PM

A lively conversation with sports attorney and former Washington Senator’s broadcaster Philip Hochberg; Documentary Filmmaker Aviva Kempner (The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg and an upcoming film about Moe Berg); and author Frederic J. Frommer (You Gotta Have Heart: A History of Washington Baseball from 1859 to the 2012 National League East Champions) about the eclectic and memorable stories of Washington DC’s Jewish players. Notable names include Moe Berg (catcher, scholar, spy); Elliott Maddox (the only Black Jew to play in the Major Leagues); and Jason Marquis (the first observant Jew to play for the Nats).

Supported by The Chaim Kempner Collection Library Fund. The Chaim Kempner Author Series brings authors of recently published books to the EDCJCC for the learning and enjoyment of the entire community.

In partnership with the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington.

TICKET: $10/person (+ $1.50 fee)

JHS Discount: $7/person (+ $1.50 fee)

TICKET + BOOK (You Gotta Have Heart: A History of Washington Baseball): $25 (+1.50 fee)

(Four Monday evening class sessions: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2 at 7 PM)

They say truth is stranger than fiction! This fall you can work with an award-winning, professional author (Peter Lovenheim) to craft your own truths or the remarkable true stories around you into rich, compelling narratives.

Class Description

Narrative non-fiction is writing based on fact but built with the traditional elements of story.  It’s a popular genre, allowing writers to observe the world, explore what they’re curious about, and then transform it into a compelling narrative to engage and challenge the reader.

In four two-hour sessions, participants will learn and practice the craft of writing narrative non-fiction through forms such as personal narrative, memoir, and persuasive essay. Classes will include writing exercises and prompts, and participants may also bring in one work in progress for discussion and evaluation.

Member Registration: $150 (+ $2 fee)

Non-Member Registration: $160 (+ $2 fee)
Three Millennia of Jewish Art: A Talk with Ori Soltes

Georgetown University art historian Ori Soltes walks audiences through 3,000 years of Jewish art and architecture in a presentation of his book Tradition and Transformation: Three Millennia of Jewish Art & Architecture. A project three decades in the making, the volume presents a staggeringly complete investigation of what it means to define a work of art as “Jewish art”. Soltes examines the impact of identity, faith, and aesthetics on a wide range of creators, and while he doesn’t claim to arrive at an absolute answer, he is sure to challenge and enlighten you through the search. His presentation, like his book, will include numerous visuals to help take you from Ancient Rome to the dawn of the twenty-first century.

“Mr. Soltes has done a staggering job in charting the 3000-year trajectory of Jewish Art…[and] he has successfully articulated the historical, religious and cultural currents whereby a new Jewish Art has forthrightly emerged.” -- Joel  Silverstein, artist, curator, art critic and theorist.

TICKETS: $10/person (+ $1.50 fee)

Please stay tuned for more future literary-themed programs in the coming months!