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5/31/07: The Washington Post
Committed to Memory: Theatre Lab Students Take On Roles of Real Holocaust VictimsBy Rachel Beckman

 4/25/07: The Washington Post
"Theater J's Upcoming Season" by Jane Horwitz

3/07: Washington Theater Review
"Either Or" by Paul McLane

2/07: Theater J Receives 3 Helen Hayes Awards Nominations
Click here for more info

1/07: Hadassah Magazine
"Theater Breaks a Leg" by Ted Merwin

12/21/06: Washington Jewish Week
"Poetic and charming' JDS teacher/playwright selected for London exchange"
by Lisa Traiger

10/22/06: Variety
"Risk brings reward: D.C.'s Theater J lines up preems" by Paul Harris

The Best Plays Theater Yearbook honors
the late Wendy Wasserstein's Third
which premiered at Theater J during our 03-04 Season!

Click here to find out more!
Click here to read a review of the Theater J premiere

The New York Times
"A New Jules Feiffer Musical"
(Feiffer wrote A Bad Friend, which ran during our 04-05 season, and created the design for Theater J's "J-tique" line of t-shirts)

Ari's Op-Ed (edited) in the Washington Jewish Week
on RSC's The Canterbury Tales

"Walking out on Chaucer's slurring words"

Complete Op-Ed

5/2/06: The Washington Post
"The J Stands for Family For the '06-'07 Season" by Jane Horwitz

5/9/06: The Washington Post
"Theater J Revisited" by Jane Horwitz

2/17/06: The New York Times
"Cutting and Splicing Pieces of a Friend's Madness"
(Jump/Cut premiered as a Woolly Mammoth/Theater J co-production in the 2002-2003 season)

Read more about the play

2/8/06: The Washington Post
"Hayes Awards Announces Nominees"
by Jane Horwitz

Click here to check out Theater J's nominations

1/31/06: The Washington Post
"Women's Rib: Playwright Wendy Wasserstein Explored Feminism With a Sense of Humor" by Peter Marks

1/29/06: The Baltimore Sun
"Tracing the scars in Israeli society" by J. Wynn R Rousuck

5/15/05: The New York Times
"The Premier Theater for Premieres" by Trey Graham 

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