At Church Street Theater, 1742 Church Street NW
Monday nights at 7:30 pm. 

Co-produced by Theater J and
Journeymen Theater Ensemble.    
Discussions to follow  


What do we consider “ethical behavior” during  a time of war? What is our responsibility as citizens to make sure those standards are upheld by our nation? Is it ethical to stand by and allow our young men and women to risk their lives for a conflict that many don’t believe we should be involved with in the first place?

Journeymen Theater Ensemble, in conjunction with its production of As American As, and Theater J, in conjunction with its production of Honey Brown Eyes, have collaborated to present an inter-faith reading series dealing with issues of Ethics and War at this crucial time in our nation’s history. 


'Ethics and War'
Backstage, Washington Post
By Jane Horowitz
October 22, 2008

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October 27: 
: From the Justice Department’s  Office of Legal Counsel Testimony Before the House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Directed by Jeffery Sichel

This theatrical reading is taken from the transcript of testimony given by Steven Bradbury, principal deputy assistant attorney general for the office of legal counsel before the House committee. This examination of the legality of the practice of waterboarding is fascinating, illuminating and frightening.



Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York Rick Foucheux* 
Steven Bradbury, Acting Director of the Justice
Department's Office of   Legal Counsel  
Tim Getman* 
Representative Steve King of Iowa   Jeff Allin*
Representative Melvin Watt of North Carolina   Jair Dean Kamperveen*
Representative Trent Franks of Arizona   Nigel Reed*
Representative Bobby Scott of Virginia                            Phillip Reid
Representative Artur Davis of Alabama                           Theodore M. Snead
Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota                        James J. Johnson
Lead CIA Interrogator                                                 Marietta Hedges*
Ensemble                                                   Jason Burke



Eli Sibley

Brian MacDonald


November 3
By Daniel Berrigan
Directed by Rahaleh Nassri

Based on transcripts of a historical event, Daniel Berrigan adapted this play from the edited transcript of his trial—along with his brother Rev. Philip Berrigan and seven others—for removing records from a Selective Service office and burning them to protest the Vietnam War. After they were convicted and sentenced, Berrigan memorialized the trial in this award-winning play, first produced at the Mark Taper Forum in 1972 and later made into a feature film.  The New York Times described the play as “positively riveting.”



 Jerry Whiddon*                                                    Daniel Berrigan 
 Michael Willis*                                    Philip Berrigan 
 James Flanagan*                                     David Darst
 Jon Reynolds                                      John Hogan 
 Scott Hamilton Westerman            Thomas Lewis
 Tiffany Fillmore*                               Marjorie Melville
 Michael Kramer*                              Thomas Melville 
 Richard Pelzman*                               George Mische 
 Erin Sloan*                                              Mary Moylan
 Ian LeValley*                                      Defense
 John Dow*                                            Judge 
 Clinton Brandhagen*                        Prosecution   
 Laura Gianarelli*                               Witness


November 10:
BENEDICTUS: An Iran-Israel-US Collaboration
Written by Motti Lerner. 
Created by Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Motti Lerner, Roberta Levitow, Daniel Michaelson and Torange Yeghiazarian
Directed by Daniella Topol

With the clock ticking down the final 72 hours before a scheduled U.S. attack on Iran, two estranged childhood friends, one Jewish and one Muslim, agree to a secret meeting at a Benedictine monastery in Rome to find an alternative to the pending war.  Benedictus examines the ties that bind us: family, friendship and duty to country. Which will hold and which will break?



 Conrad Feininger*                                                        Asher Motadeh
 Michael Kramer  *                 Ali Kermani 
 Bob Rogerson                     Ben Martin
 John Dow*                          Monk   


Journeymen Theater Ensemble entered the Washington, DC theater scene in 2004, as a mission-based professional theater company that was founded on and guided by Christian principles and is dedicated to producing plays that address issues relevant to today’s audiences which will promote discussion and hopefully produce change. Journeymen Theater is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for theater professionals to create art that addresses social and moral issues that challenge and inspire its artists and audiences.  They have been looking for a time to collaborate with Theater J and are pleased that this engagement could happen at this critical time in our nation’s history.