The Audience Raves about DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT

"I was absolutely blown away by Theater J’s premier Of David in Shadow and Light. From the first mesmerizing moment…with fabulous arresting use of light, shadows, brilliant choreography and staging… A delight to behold. Inventive. To the fabulous vocal and acting talent of the cast to the gorgeous costumes and use of technique, to the thrilling musical expertise. This is a MUST SEE! Tell your friends to come from out of town. It is THAT SPECIAL a production. This is the first show that I have seen in years that I really wanted to see again. Absolutely SUPERB! You can tell this was a labor of love, and that it evolved over the last 4 years. It was an awesome experience. Hats off to the cast, crew, directors. ..." - Barbara Halpern 

"My husband and I and two friends saw, DAVID in SHADOW and LIGHT, on Sunday afternoon. All four of us were on a “high” because we had just experienced a theatrical wonder. In every respect, this was theater at its best."

"We loved the play and spent the evening talking about it."

"The acting was great and so was the musical performance. At the end, I can't help to shed a tear. Great job for all the performers!”

"Congratulations with David.  We LOVED the show.  The only thing we did not like was that we were too timid to stand up and start a standing ovation."

"I also applaud you for taking risks.  The arts have always depended on people of vision to bring out new forms, sounds, ways of seeing, etc.  You take risks, and that is fantastic.  Don’t stop."

"We attended last night's performance of David in Shadow and Light and we want to tell you that we enjoyed it tremendously.
The originality of the script, the music, the choreography and the acting were superb.  Olcott's direction was excellent. It is unfortunate that the reviewers were negative - we are sure that the public will overcome their biased, strange opinions.
Keep up the good work!"

"The acting/dancing/singing was phenomenal. I thought all of the actors and actresses did a wonderful job. I also liked the premise of the show- with Adam looking on as he gives away the last 70 years of his life. There were a lot of redeeming qualities of the performance."

"Great show worthy of a full house!!"

"The cast, the music, the play – all were so wonderful! The best play I’ve seen in a very long time. I’ve lived in Israel for 3 years and your play, your acting – the whole Gestalt – made me want to return. I do want to go home and read the Jewish version of the “old” Testament. Thank you all so much." Judy Cohn DC

"I really enjoyed this show.  I thought that staging was quite unique and I loved the music. I will recommend this show to all my friends."

"It is intermission time. So far I love the performance. The music, the choreography, the acting – everything. It somehow reminds me of a Brecht play. The critics are fools." – George Lowy

"David in Shadow and Light- I’m writing this at intermission. I am loving this play. It feels like something that should be performed nationally. The performances & singing, etc. are remarkable. It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved to write something about one of your plays. There have been several, but none like this.
I hope my friends & family are able to see this. One of my favorites if not my favorite. Thank you." - Renee Schwager

"Phenomenal job!! I was particularly impressed with the acting and music score. Keep it up!!"

"We loved it! It was imaginative, creative, innovative. Appreciate all the effort that went into this fabulous production – Brilliant midrash!"

"This was brilliant – one of the peak experiences of many years of Theater J. KUDOS! LOVE! And …!! Great acting, libretto, dance, it has it all!"

"I loved it" – Rita Kaplan

"Biblically accurate! A wonderful musical. Thanks."

"Very creative – excellent music – excellent voices – four stars –"


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