See What The Critics Are Saying about Arthur Miller's The Price


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"Without a doubt, this is one of the most enjoyable, most engrossing and most memorable productions we have in the Potomac Region right now and may well be one of the most memorable performances of the year."

 - Potomac Stages

"This is arguably Miller at his best and most characteristic, asking complicated questions and never settling for cheap drama or easy answers. The show increases in scale with each new argumentative twist...The conscience is provocatively pummeled, and the heart very nearly breaks."

-Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post


"Leisa Mather gives us a stunning portrait that matches the moving performances of her fellow actors."

-Rosalind Lacy, DC Theatre Scene

 “Electrifying performances by Robert, Andrew and John Prosky makes Arthur Miller's play The Price at Theater J a must see. This compelling drama is played to perfection. It is great storytelling and the cast and the director, Michael Carleton, bring this marvelous play to life. The Price is poignant, powerful and spellbinding.”

- Marilou Donahue, Artistically Speaking



"Mr. Prosky and son Andrew (who physically resembles his father) establish a relaxed, bantering rhythm in the first act that brings out teasing and humorous elements in Mr. Miller's somber drama."

-Jayne Blanchard, Washington Times

“Robert Prosky’s performance in Arthur Miller’s play The Price is beautifully played.  Joined by a splendid cast, Theater J has a wining production that gives new life to this emotional Miller play.  It’s a true classic.  See it!”

 – Bob Davis, WGMS




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