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Theater J Offers One Woman's Perspective on Israel

By Jane Horwitz

Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, January 14, 2009; Page C05

 "Iris Bahr and Theater J couldn't have chosen a more highly charged moment in which to present Bahr's solo show "Dai (Enough)," in which she plays 11 very different people in a Tel Aviv cafe moments before a suicide bomber blows up the place. The piece, performed at the Studio Theatre's Milton space, launches Theater J's Voices From a Changing Middle East festival tonight through Sunday. "  CONTINUE READING

Washington Post

'Dai': A Jolting Character Study of Israeli Society
By Peter Marks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 16, 2009; Page C02

"Every story ends in mid-sentence in Iris Bahr's intermittently effective solo piece, "Dai." Several times in the hour-long work, an audience is jolted out of complacency by seat-rattling sound effects -- the noise of the suicide bomb that tears through a Tel Aviv cafe and terminates a reporter's inquiries.

One by one, the denizens of the cafe are prodded by a TV correspondent to open up about themselves, about what they're doing in a place that "lives and breathes existential threat" and how they feel about the daily dance on the fraying tightrope of Israeli life. We're reminded frequently in the Theater J presentation that the tripwire for tragedy is a routine apparatus in this part of the world."  CONTINUE READING 

Washington Jewish Week

A one-woman play on the Mideast Conflict

by Lisa Traiger
Arts Correspondent


"Desperation, frustration, anguish, despair, rage. For Israelis, it's enough. In Hebrew, it's the existential cry of dai -- enough.

Dai is also Israeli American actor Iris Bahr's searing one-woman show, which opens Theater J's three-month-long Voices From a Changing Middle East Festival Wednesday at the Studio Theater in the District, through Jan. 18 only. The festival also includes two additional works by Israeli playwrights: The Accident by Hillel Mitelpunkt (Feb. 4-March 9) and Benedictus by Motti Lerner (April 16-May 24)."  CONTINUE READING

DC Theatre Scene

Dai (Enough)
Written and performed by Iris Bahr
Originally directed Off-Broadway by Will Pomerantz
Produced by Theater J at Studio Theatre’s Milton Theatre
Reviewed by Miranda Hall

"Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a Russian prostitute, a German furniture designer, and an Arab statistics professor walk into a café. Not ringing any bells? Iris Bahr is willing to betit doesn’t.

What she can imagine, however, is that you have heard something about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. She can assume that you’ve experienced political conversations that splatter food on the walls instead of advance mutual understanding. And she’s probably right."  CONTINUE READING

Jewish DC

Compelling Characters in Iris Bahr’s One-Woman Play, “Dai” (Enough)
January 16, 2009 by rmauro2

"Ten people—five Jews, four Christians, and one Palestinian Muslim—are given complex yet brief life in a play, which chronicles the final minutes before the fictitious bombing of a Tel Aviv café.

I, along with a smattering of young professionals from Adas Israel, attended this one-woman show hosted by Theater J and Studio Theatre Thursday evening. And like most everyone in the packed audience, I believe, I was left with ranging, intense emotions." CONTINUE READING

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"Iris Bahr has written and is performing "Dai (Enough)" (To 1/18) for Theater J but through the auspices of the Studio Theatre.  Ms. Bahr is a very talented actress and she has written a play which fairly treats the conflict in the Middle East but she lacks speech intelligibility with a few of the many characters that she portrays like the actress, the old Jewish guy, and the dilettante which unfortunately come in early in the intermissionless play."  CONTINUE READING



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