By Hillel Mitelpunkt
Directed by Sinai Peter
Translation by David Berkoff
Adapted for the American Stage by Ari Roth

 February 4–March 8, 2009 


A scalding, sensual look at upper-middle class life in a Tel Aviv suburb. After a split-second roadside collision with a Chinese foreign worker, two couples’ lives unravel as their acts of omission and commission come back to haunt them. A daughter comes clean to her parents, forcing everyone to undertake moral reckonings of their own.  This hit Israeli show is a biting look at the way we live now. 


 "Excellent "Accident": You Can't Look Away" - Washington Post

"Stunning International Collaboration" - Washington Jewish Week

 "A brilliant and most powerful play" - Maariv

"A master structuring brilliant dialogues" - Yediot Ahronot


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The Cast 






Jennifer Mendenhall



Michael Tolyado

Pangs of the Messiah


Paul Morella

Either Or, Sleeping Arrangements


Becky Peters

Pangs of the Messiah, Sleeping Arrangements


Eliza Bell



Director Sinai Peter returns, reuniting with Pangs of the Messiah actors Michael Tolaydo and Becky Peters, for the English language premiere of this Israeli hit.