On Stage


The Kinsey Sicks in

Oy Vey in a Manger 

December 18 - January 2

Two shows added!  Friday, Dec 31 at 3:00 pm and Saturday, Jan 1 at 10:30 pm

America’s favorite Dragapella Beauty-Shop Quartet brings its irreverent humor and harmonies to DC just in time for the holidays. With gut-busting parodies and raucous schtick, The Kinsey Sicks offers wholesome favorites like "I Had a Little Facial," “Harried Little Christmas,” and "'Tis the Season to Drink Stoli,” “High camp, unafraid, subversive...astonishing.” San Francisco Chronicle


CONTENT ADVISORY:Oy Vey in a Manger contains highly irreverent adult material and may not be suitable for audiences under 16 years of age.  Material may provide a lightening bolt ofholiday naughtiness as well as a hysterically scandalous experience for Jews and Gentiles alike!


Meet the Kinsey Sicks

The Kinsey Sicks began in 1993 as a group of friends who went to a Bette Midler concert in San Francisco dressed as the Andrews Sisters. Assuming they'd be among many drag queens, they found themselves to be the only ones (other than Bette, of course). They were approached that night to perform at an upcoming event. Their reply - "we don't sing" - was quickly disproved when they realized that all of them had musical backgrounds. They began singing and harmonizing that night, and the seed for the Kinsey Sicks was planted.

Visit their website, www.kinseysicks.com , to learn more about them!

Or check out some videos on the Kinsey Sicks You Tube channel