DC Bet Midrash 

Are you curious about learning Jewish texts and traditions?

Looking for a refresher on a certain Torah portion or law,
or a place to continue your studies?

Come to DC Beit Midrash!

DC Beit Midrash is a non-denominational, pluralistic learning space which meets every week on Monday nights from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Washington DCJCC, with snacks and schmoozing from 7:15-7:30 pm.

Come every week or stop by whenever you can! Our community includes people with all levels of knowledge and religious backgrounds, and encourages open-minded discussion and debate to enhance the learning experience.

Learning is done both in a group setting with a teacher (our teachers come from across the DC Jewish community) and in optional chavrutah, or paired learning. Chavrutah pairs have studied everything from the book of Prophets to tractates of the Talmud to the philosophy of Spinoza to seminal texts of the Kabbalah.

Past classes have included discussing the nuances of translating the Torah, debating the modern-day relevance of traditions and laws, and learning about the holidays of Chanukah, Tu biShvat, Purim, and Passover.

We love welcoming new members into our community, and hope to see you on a Monday night at the JCC soon!