The Arna Meyer Mickelson Endowment for Professional Development


 Arna with the DCJCC staff in 1996

“To ensure the realization of this dream, I learned how to be an architect, developer, builder, interior designer, hard-hat tour guide, fundraiser, public relations person, lobbyist, cheerleader, and coach.”
–Arna Meyer Mickelson

One of the remarkable aspects of Arna's career is the number of disparate areas she has learned to master. The agency she began with in 1987 and her daily responsibilities to it have changed dramatically in her 25 years of service. At each stage along the way, Arna has found the time to learn the new skills she needed to master and in-turn gave her growing staff the benefit of that learning as they sought to develop their own skills and careers. With her retirement we acknowledge the important role she has served not only as a community leader, but as an important teacher and mentor to those who have had the privilege to work with and for her.

To honor Arna, we are establishing an Endowment Fund. The Endowment income will fulfill Arna’s wish—creating a permanent legacy to provide funding for Center staff to participate in a wide range of professional development programs. The Endowment speaks to Arna’s passionate advocacy and tireless work on behalf of the hundreds of Jewish communal workers she has mentored and nurtured. It means the Washington DCJCC will always stand for the principles she established and never wavered from in her 25 years at the JCC.

Contribute to the Arna Meyer Mickelson Endowment for Professional Development




Founding Contributors to the Endowment Include


Diane and Norman Bernstein
Lisa and Joshua Bernstein
Ann Loeb Bronfman (of blessed memory)
 Debra Lerner Cohen and Edward Cohen
Louie and Ralph Dweck
Ginny and Irwin Edlavitch
Lisa Fuentes and Thomas Cohen
Paula Siegle Goldman
Brenda Gruss and Dan Hirsch
Tamara and Harry Handelsman
Irene and Edward Kaplan
Barbara and Jack Kay
Roselin and Edward Lenkin

Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Diane and Arnold Polinger
Deborah Ratner Salzberg and Michael Salzberg
David Bruce Smith
Francine Zorn Trachtenberg and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg
Matthew Watson


Lynn and John Sachs


Patty Abramson and Les Silverman
Dorothy Bennett
Joan de Pontet
Nancy and Morris Deutsch
Debra Goldberg and Seth Waxman
Martha Winter Gross and Robert Tracy
Martha Kahn and Simeon M. Kriesberg
William Kreisberg
Stuart S. Kurlander
Paula Veiner McMartin
Jeff Menick
Alan Mickelson
Kathy and Thomas Raffa
Henry and Anne Reich Family Foundation, Lee G. Rubenstein, Co-President
Elaine Reuben
Tina and Albert Small Jr.
Terri and Alan Spoon
Mindy Strelitz and Andy Cornblatt
Diane Abelman Wattenberg
Ellen Witman

Esthy and James Adler
Amy and Stephen Altman
Carol and Gary Berman
Deborah Carliner and Robert Remes
Lois and Michael Fingerhut
Carolyn and Warren Kaplan
Joy Lerner and Stephen Kelin
Marion and Larry Lewin
Claire and Adam Mickelson
Linda and Sid Moskowitz
Robert Weiner
Carolyn and Bill Wolfe

Richard Ayers
Michele and Allan Berman
Bet Mishpachah
Myrna Fawcett
Dina Gold
Susan Sachs Goldman
Roberta Hantgan
The Hunker-Shields Family
Miriam Mörsel Nathan and Harvey Nathan
Jean F. Ratner
Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff
Michael Singer

Babs and Rabbi A.N. Abramowitz
Patricia and Robert Barshay
Vivian Bass
Sharon Block and Roger Schwartz
Sara Cohen and Norm Rich
Dave Connick
Cindy and Glenn Easton
Suzanne and Michael Feinstein
Caren and Herb Ford
Carolyn Gichner
Ideas/Inc, Shulamith Elster & Gerry Weiser
Judith and Paul Ianuale
Linda and Steve Katz
In Memory of Aviva Kaufman Penn, Abigail Kaufman Wenner
Felice Kornberg
Judith Leonard
Marcia Levin
Robyn and Steven Lustig
Elaine and Daniel Mann
Phyllis and Philip Margolius
Zena and Paul Mason
Susan Morgenstein
Faye and Jack Moskowitz
Julia Pitkin-Shantz
Sarah Pokempner and Jerry Levine
Nancy and Samuel Raskin
Renay and William Regardie
Lewis Reich
Gail, Rigs, Jeni, Michael, Jess, Shana, Annie, Emma, Max, Solomon, & Lily
Sally Rosenberg
Margaret Siegel
Ori Soltes
Lynnette Spira
Eve and Andrew Stern
Michele Sumka
Elizabeth and Michael Tracy
Joan Wessel
Irene and Alan Wurtzel
Gwen Zuares

Communal Workers
Mara Bralove and Ari Fisher
Ann Eisen
Melissa and Joshua Ford
Ann and Frank Gilbert
Trish Kent
Julie Laudenslager
Ellen, Gary, Mitch and Cyndi Malasky
Sara Milner
Alexis and Jeremy Robbins
Audrey Rothstein
Norman Shore
Harriet Shugerman
Sarah Rabin Spira and Mark Spira
Margaret Hahn Stern and Stephen Stern
Eileen Suffian
Selma Sweetbaum
Miriam and Adam Szubin
Marilyn Turner
Susan Zemsky
Jacky Wershbale

*Arna’s Architects are also generously sponsoring the June 21 event. These gifts were received as of June 23, 2011.