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2017 - 2018 EDCJCC Camp Programs

J Camps School Year Calendar

The EDCJCC offers year long camp programs - the fun doesn't have to end once the summer is over!

Year Round we offer 1 day No School Today Camp programs for campers ages 4-12 when school is closed but parents have to work

December-January we offer Winter Camp for campers ages 4-12

April we offer Spring Camp for campers ages 4-12

June-August we offer Summer Camp for campers ages 4-16

2017 - 2018 EDCJCC Camp Programs dates and rates

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Registration For Summer 2018 will open January 2, 2018! Check out last summer's brochure below

Summer 2017 Camps Brochure:

20th Anniversary - HOT TIMES IN THE CITY

Please contact Greg Feitel at 202-777-3270 or Gfeitel@edcjcc.org if you have any questions about camp!

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Greg Feitel
Director of Camp Programs

t. (202) 777-3270