Parenting Center Workshops

Our Parenting Center provides parents-to-be, parents, and caregivers with support, guidance, and enrichment as they prepare for and raise their young children. Our workshops offer practical skills and solutions, advice, and community-building opportunities.  Email with any workshops topics that you would like to see offered!

Upcoming Workshops:

**NOTE: The Beyond Mommy workshop scheduled for January 21 and 28 has been rescheduled for February 21 and 28**
Tuesday, February 16: Dinner in 30: Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner Solutions

February 21 and 28:
Beyond Mommy: Living a Life That's Authentically You
Thursday, March 3:
Back to Work After Parental Leave? How to Create a Mindful Return
Thursday, March 24:
Parenting Without Power Struggles
Mondays, March 28-May 23: Beyond the Bump
Tuesday, April 5:
Managing Your Household Spending
Thursday, April 14:
Stress-Free Parenting: How to Stay Calm, Cool, and Connected (to your child)
Tuesday, May 10: Mindful Eating for Breastfeeding
Sunday, May 15:
Infant and Child CPR
Wednesday, May 18:
Pathways to Parenthood
Tuesday, June 7:
Raising Children with Healthy Body Image

Also check out PACE, a great support group for women with babies ages 2 weeks to 5 months (not offered by the DCJCC, but meeting in our building)

Washington DCJCC Parent Workshops 

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Dinner in 30: Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner Solutions
Tuesday, February 16, 7:30pm
Does the dinner-time scramble make you crazy?  In this workshop we will focus on tricks and tips for getting a healthy dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.  We will discuss the roadblocks to making dinner (kids underfoot, prepping ingredients, clean-up, etc.) and how we can overcome them.  Participants will learn how to make a weekly meal plan and will leave with recipes and approaches that are easy, fun, and healthy. 

Beyond Mommy: Living a Life That's Authentically You
Sundays, February 21 and 28, 2:00pm
Whether you are seeking balance between family and career, looking to (re)enter the workforce, or trying to rediscover your authentic self after the transformations of parenthood, this workshop will be a place to explore and discover without judgment.  This two-part series for moms, led by a Georgetown-trained coach, will focus on filtering through the noise of our lives and finding what brings us true joy and purpose. Participants will learn how to center themselves, be more present, and listen to their inner wisdom.  Everyone will leave with tangible tools for taking the next important life steps.

Back to Work After Parental Leave?
How to Create a Mindful Return

Thursday, March 3, 7:30pm
Having a baby and going back to work can throw anyone’s life off kilter. Come learn practical and effective strategies for planning your return to work after maternity or paternity leave, so that you can ease your concerns and fears about the transition, focus on your baby, and make calm, thoughtful choices. Open to anyone currently expecting a baby, anyone on maternity or paternity leave, or anyone within the first several months of returning to work. Experienced returning parents also welcome!  Led by Lori Mihalich-Levin, founded of Mindful Return.

Parenting Without Power Struggles
Thursday, March 24, 7:30pm
"You need to eat four more pieces!" . . . "Bedtime NOW" . . .  "NO!  I do it!"  Power struggles are maddening for parents, and, it turns out, not good for children either. Putting these struggles in a developmental context, this workshop will provide strategies for how to encourage your child's growing need to assert independence while still maintaining your control and authority. Struggles around mealtime, potty training, cooperation and others will be addressed.
Led by Claire Lerner, a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist.

Beyond the Bump
Monday, March 28-May 23, 7:15pm
Pregnant for the first time? Looking to create a community with other expecting moms to exchange ideas and find support? This group will meet weekly for eight weeks to provide a safe and facilitated space for moms to discuss their experiences and learn from one another.  We will explore several topics, including: concerns about childbirth and parenting; balancing family with work outside the home; navigating new relationships with your partner, parents, and in-laws; and recognizing post (and pre)-partum depression.  Facilitated by Heather Diamond, Psy.D.

Managing Your Household Spending
Tuesday, April 5, 7:30pm
Get your household spending under control!  Lori Atwood, RFC, will discuss where and how to cut back without changing your lifestyle drastically. She will also talk about how to save for things that come up every year, like camp, vacations and school fees, and give you specific tools to help you stay on track even if you're not a budget or spreadsheet whiz. 

Stress-Free Parenting: How to Stay Calm, Cool, and Connected (to your child)
Thursday, April 14, 7:30pm
Parenting is stressful, right?  Do you feel like you are often rushing from one thing to the next and always multitasking?  Do you want to stop yelling and to connect with your kids in more positive ways?  Led by two Duke-trained integrative health coaches, the workshop will give you tangible tools, specific strategies, and proven techniques to help manage stress, parent with more patience and presence, and create a more positive relationship with your children.

Mindful Eating for Breastfeeding
Tuesday, May 10, 11:00am
This lunchtime workshop is perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding moms who want to revamp their eating habits to nourish themselves, nurture their breast milk and create a healthful, whole foods kitchen for their family and children. Topics will include Simple Steps for Nursing Nutrition, Getting Food on the Table with a Baby on Your Hip, and Nutrition Prescriptions for Common Concerns such as colic, eczema, and acid reflux.  All participants will enjoy a light lunch featuring ingredients and recipes from the  Ultimate Breastfeeding Food list, and will leave with recipes and strategies.  Led by Ebeth Johnson.  Babies welcome!

Infant and Child CPR  
Sunday, May 15, 10:00am
Make your family safer by learning life-saving skills from American Heart Association instructor Jay Gruber!

Pathways to Parenthood
Wednesday, May 18, 7:00pm (doors open at 6:30)
Thinking about growing your family or looking for support after struggling to conceive? Join us for an informal discussion about different paths to family building. This symposium will include experts such as a fertility doctor, an adoption expert, a mental health provider, a rabbi, a legal expert with experience facilitating egg donor and gestational carrier agreements, and more!   Before and after the panel, there will be time for informal connecting and community building.  LGBTQ and straight, couples and single parents, Jewish and non-Jewish -- are all warmly welcomed.  Come prepared to ask questions -- and plug in for support.
Co-presented with GLOE, in partnership with The Red Stone and the Tinina Q Cade Foundation

Raising Children with Healthy Body Image
Tuesday, June 7, 7:30pm
At a surprisingly young age, children internalize messages from our culture and from their families about body image.  This workshop will focus on steps that parents can take from the beginning to help children and families develop healthy relationships to food and body image, and to enhance self-esteem.  Participants will leave with concrete strategies and suggestions for raising healthy and confident children. Led by Alisa Schwartz, Ph.D .

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