Washington DCJCC Preschool Checklist

To Be Left At School:

  1. One box of 100 count latex gloves if your child is still in diapers or is toilet training.  As gloves run out, the staff will ask you to replenish the supply.
  2. Disposable diapers/pull-ups and wipes, if necessary.  Each child will have his or her own supply of diapers and wipes kept at the changing table or by the bathroom.  The staff will notify you when your child’s supplies are low.
  3. A complete change of clothes (shirt, bottoms (pants, shorts or skirt), underpants and socks.)  Please label all items with your child’s name.  Children who are in the process of toilet training should bring several changes of clothes and possibly an extra pair of shoes.  
  4. A blanket and a cot sheet for naptime. At the end of each week the sheet and blanket will be returned home.  Please wash the items and return them to school on your child’s next day here.
    Suggestions: if you'd like to have a sheet, a crib sheet (standard size crib, not for a pack n play) works well, or you can buy a specific cot sheet.  There are also “nap mats” that roll up and include a cushiony under layer, an attached blanket and a pillow.  Note:  the PreK class rests on yoga mats and do not need sheets, just a blanket and/or a pillow if they wish to sleep during the rest time.
  5. Photos.   Please bring in an individual photo of your child and a framed family photo.  These will be used for various purposes throughout the school year.


    To Be Brought In Daily:

    1. A dairy or vegetarian lunch (or you can order lunches through our hot lunch program)
    2. Comfortable play clothes
    3. Rubber-soled shoes, preferably close-toed
    4. A bag or backpack for carrying home important papers, artwork and assorted treasures.


    Optional Items:

    1. Sunglasses (unbreakable)
    2. Hat
    3. Sunscreen


    Please Do Not Bring: 

    1. Glass containers or bottles
    2. Toys or valuable items
    3. Peanuts or peanut products