The Flow of our Day

Instead of a strict universal schedule for the school, each class has a different flow to their day.  How the day goes depends upon the age of the children and their needs.  The structure of the day needs to be flexible to take into account children’s level of engagement.  If, for example, a class is in the middle of a big project, the children might spend the whole morning working on it.  Alternately, if the class is between projects, and it is a beautiful day outside, the children might spend most of the morning outside on a walk around the neighborhood sketching what they see.  Teachers curtailing activity simply because of the time on a clock face counters our vision of the children as capable, intuitive learners. 

Morning meeting is a crucial point in the flow of our day.  At Morning Meeting, teachers will introduce new materials or items to the class, share news with the children, discuss projects that are ongoing, review something that happened the day before, and ask the children to select their intention for the morning.  We like to ask, “Where are you going to start today?” after presenting several options for what is available.  This moment of thoughtful planning on the part of the children is really important to help the classroom be a place of careful choices rather than haphazard play.  Morning Meeting is the only part of the day that is dictated by a clock time and that is usually 9:30 am.  When a child misses this, he or she is missing community building, project work, information, and starting the day with intention.

One possible flow of the day looks like this, starting at 9:00 am:

  • Arrival/Greeting/Free movement in Classroom
  • Morning Meeting
  • Free Choice
  • Snack
  • Gross Motor/Outside Play Time
  • Lunch
  • Naptime/Quiet Time
  • Slow Waking Activities
  • Snack
  • Afternoon Meeting
  • Activities
  • Gross Motor Time (e.g. the gym, Motion Commotion or outside)
  • Pick-up


Children dropped of prior to 9:00 am go to the Early Bird Room (in the gym on the Lower Level) for Free Choice time.  Please be sure to sign your child in to both the Early Bird room and their classroom sign-in sheet.  Classroom teachers pick-up their students from the Early Bird room between 8:50–9:00 am.


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