Today We email samples

We send an email to families each day to talk about the school and each class' activities.  Here are some recent samples of the Today We.

TODAY WE: December 10
Gamalim (2.5 year olds) "Camels"

Teachers: Xani Polakoff and Mikke Rozenman

What a day! Today we went to visit the Foundry Church on 16th and P (the one with the lunch bells) to further our exploration of bells! When we arrived, we met Pastor Theresa. She gave us a tour of the church and explained a lot about the bells.

Here’s some things we learned:

  • Each bell weighs more than 1 hundred tons (the size of an elephant)!
  • Each bell has a name. Two of them are named Ted and Iris.
  • The bells are from Ireland. When they were brought over to Washington, DC, Sixteenth Street had to be closed because they were too big to fit down the street with regular DC traffic.
  • Each bell made a different noise (we showed her how we can make different high, medium, and low noises too).

Next, we had the opportunity to go inside their sanctuary. It was beautiful! Several students pointed out the beautiful stained glass. Other students noticed the flowers, candles and piano. We looked at the designs on the benches inside of the sanctuary. Then, Pastor Theresa sat with us on the steps in the chapel to give the students an opportunity to ask questions.

Here are some questions the students asked:

  • “Is there a ladder inside the bell tower?”
  • “Does a person or a machine ring the bell?”

We learned that there is no ladder inside of the bell tower. Also, she told us that the bells are too big for one person to ring, so during the week there’s a machine that has a time. During the weekends, there is a button to press for them to ring.

We were all so appreciative of the wonderful tour of the bells and the church. When we returned to school, the Gamalim students were anxious to draw a thank you card for Pastor Theresa.

Tomorrow, we are heading to the library with the Namarim class! We still have space for an extra chaperone. Please let us know if you are interested. Thanks!

Bogrim (PreK) "maturation," aka The Bogos

Happy Monday Bogrim families!

Today after free play, we began the day with a discussion about the elements of a story to continue our exploration of the parts of a story. Today, we mainly focused on the characters and setting of the story. When we asked the students to tell us what they know about the characters in a story, they told us that “characters are people that are in a story and tell a story” and “characters are in a setting and they tell the story in the setting.” The last response brought us to our next question – what is a setting of a story?  One of the Bogos answered “the setting is where the person in the book is.”

We continued the discussion by looking at a few books from our classroom that the students are fairly familiar with: Madeline, The Story of Ferdinand, The Library Mouse, and Lyle, Lyle Crocodile. In small groups, we worked to identify the characters and setting of each of these stories. The Bogos did an awesome job! They are definitely ready to write their own stories.

After our morning meeting we went to gym, where we played with scooters and practiced shooting baskets before coming back up for a music class with Ms. Audrey.  Since Chanukah is here, we learned some new Chanukah songs and practiced some familiar ones with Ms. Audrey. We ended our day by lighting the menorah with the rest of the preschool. Have a wonderful evening!

Bini Silver, Director, Early Childhood, Youth and Family Programs
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