Of a Certain Age DC
(a social networking group for individuals who are 50 plus)

Of A Certain Age is an opportunity to meet other individuals who are 50 + for events that you will hear about through email announcements. If you would like to be on the email list for events contact Tybe Diamond at Ibtybe@aol.com. Many individuals have reported making new friendships as a result of their attendance at various activities.

If you are willing to have people gather at your home or entertainment center for an event this personal setting does provide a congeniality that can not be easily duplicated in another setting.

Any plan you may come up with for an event is very welcomed. You can limit the size of the group if you wish.  If you are willing to coordinate an event I will send the email notice out to the list of members once you decide on what it will be. Just email me the information at Ibtybe@aol.com .  In addition to weekends, week day events are also welcome. Currently two new groups are starting. If you have an interest in joining a book or film group let me know.

For the most part, the activity is background while getting people together is foreground. We need your help to organize activities. Consider being part of Of A Certain Age as a volunteer opportunity to plan an event.

Please use the following format in describing your event:
-Your contact phone number for the day of the event
-Description of event
-Date for RSVP if needed with your email or phone number
-Limit on the size of the group if needed
-Payment arrangements if needed

Thank you for your participation in planning events for the group. I hope you'll be attending events and socializing with old friends and making new ones. Contact me if you have any questions at Ibtybe@aol.com . I look forward to meeting and hearing from you.

Tybe Diamond
Volunteer Coordinator
Of A Certain Age

...friends are a second existence

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Adults who have "aged out" of EntryPointDC can find social networking opportunities through Of a Certain Age DC and stay connected!


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