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August 24- Annual Newcomers' Brunch

August 26- HeadFirst

September 14- Top Nosh


Clusters are back... now's the time to sign up! Full details of Cluster events are available on individual Cluster pages or check in with the fabulous Cluster Coordinators. A list of upcoming Cluster Events is on the side of this page and is included in every EPDC newsletter.

Upcoming Events

EPDC on the Green
Monday, July 21, sunset (about 8pm- get there early!)
National Mall

EPDC is heading down to Screen on the Green this summer! Join us for the first film of the season, the never old, always classic The Karate Kid. (No, not that new thing, the 1984 original.) Bring your dinner down and let's enjoy the summer! I'll send out an update of where we'll be and how to find us closer to the date.

RSVP here so I know to expect you!

Tu B'Av Romantic Comedy Night: Kazablan
Tuesday, August 12, 7:30pm

Join us at our Tu B'Av, the Israeli Valentine's Day, celebration with a glass of wine at a screening of one of Israel's best and most beloved musicals!

This Israeli West Side Story unfolds when Kazablan, a dark Sephardic Jew, takes time out from hassling the poverty-stricken tenants of the Jaffa ghetto to court the fair-skinned Rachel, an Ashkenazi Jew. As their cultures clash, Kazablan’s passion gives way to pride when Rachel’s father reveals his prejudice against the Sephardim. Enhanced by enthusiastic dancing and singing, this colorful, exuberant 1970's gem remains Israel’s best and most beloved musical.

Get your tickets here.

Tuesday, August 26, 7pm
Monday, September 22, 7pm
Thursday, October 23, 7pm
Saturday, November 22, 10am

Kick start every Jewish month this year with a special EPDC fitness class! DCJCC Trainer, yogi, and all-around awesome person Lisa Glassman will be leading a different, fun class every rosh chodesh.

HeadFirst will run in three, four-month sessions. Sign up for just one class, or all four at once for a deal! If a class is on Shabbat it will be a Shabbat-friendly activity.

Top Nosh: Summer Edition
Sunday, September 14, 3pm   

All the glory of a television cooking competition, none of the reality show drama.

Join us for our second Top Nosh, where our Cheftestants will battle for supremacy using their wits and our Secret Ingredient. Not so much of a cook yourself? Sign up to taste all the delicious dishes and judge them. Your votes will give us our winners!

Tickets sold like crazy last time, so make sure to get yours ASAP! Get all the details and register here.

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