What are Clusters?
Clusters are peer-led groups of Jewish young adults who create community through the pursuit of a common interest. Clusters are organized by EntryPointDC, but are coordinated by a member who is responsible for organizing monthly programming.

Clusters are great ways to meet people because they are smaller groups than most EntryPointDC and Jewish community events.

How many clusters are there?
We are currently offering a small handful of clusters with more to come in the future. If you don’t see your favorite cluster, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The new/continuing clusters are:

Shabbat Clusters are not included in the clusters program. Please see here for more about Shabbat clusters, including registration information and Birthright NEXT Shabbat grants.

Who runs the clusters?
Clusters are organized by EPDC, but run by a Cluster Coordinator, a volunteer who takes responsibility for the planning and coordination of one event a month. This aspect that makes clusters flourish- they are run by the people involved. Of course, I’m always here to help out, but you are really in charge here.

Cluster Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Running the cluster’s Google Group
  • Planning one cluster gathering a month and communicating it to the group
  • Letting EntryPointDC know the details of your next cluster event at least two weeks in advance so I can help advertise the event with you
  • Meeting a few times a year with the other Cluster Coordinators and EPDC director.

Interested in being a Cluster Coordinator or Co-Coordinator for the Ages 35-49 Cluster? Please tell me!

How do I get involved?
Simply click on the name of the cluster you wish to join. The link will take you directly to the cluster's Google Group. Directly below the name of the group is a button that says "Apply to join group." Just follow the directions and you're all set! You can also email Tami or call at 202-777-3259.

EntryPointDC is committed to helping Jewish adults in their 20s and 30s in the Washington, DC metro-area build and maintain a Jewish identity and a connection to the Jewish community through social and educational programming.

Tami Wolf
(202) 777-3259

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Upcoming Cluster Events:
Further details available on each cluster's page

Israeli Dance: Every Sunday at RikudDC

Great Outdoors: upcoming runs listed at the group page

Dining Out: Weds, Feb 18, Pho 14

Book Club: Tues Feb 24, Landline by Rainbow Rowell