Challenge Yourself – New Year, New You
Join us this September for a special Rosh Hashanah fitness challenge. We’ve planned out a new challenging exercise for you each week day September 1-24.

Arrive at the New Year renewed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world!
Visit this page each day for your next exercise, or stop by the 4th floor fitness center challenge board Starting September 1st.

For more High Holiday happenings at the DCJCC visit

Remember, this is a challenge. Add these exercises each day to your existing workout routine and see a new you by Rosh Hashanah!

September 1: 40 Jumping Jacks
September 2: 20 Squats
September 3: 20 Pushups
September 4: 20 Sit Ups
September 5: 20 Pull Ups (yes, you can use the assist!)

Weeend break! Take a long walk, jog, or bike ride around this beautiful city!

September 8: 20 Dips
September 9: 1 Minute Low Plank
September 10: 1 Minute Bicycle Kicks
September 11: 3 Mile Run (walk/jog if you need to!)
September 12: 1 Minute Wall Sit

Weeend break! Come in on Sunday for Hatha Yoga at 10:00 am or Gentle Yoga at 4:30 pm.

September 15: 20 Alternate Side Lunges
September 16: 20 Diamond Pushups (Hands make a diamond shape)
September 17: 30 Second Mountain Climbers
September 18: 1 Minute High Plank
September 19: 20 Burpees

Weekend break! Pick a day and do 45 minutes of cardio. Break it up between treadmill, elliptical, and rowing.

September 22: 20 Squat Jumps

September 23: 20 Lunge Jumps

September 24: 20 Supine Leg Lifts