Behrend Builders

Our award winning volunteer program was established to meet the critical needs of Washington's low-income housing community and to supplement DC's over-extended social service agencies. Behrend Builders engages volunteers in repairing, rebuilding, and renovating low-income homes, shelters, schools, and community centers.

Training is provided on-site and experienced Program Managers supervise all projects. No skills or previous renovation experience is necessary.

Volunteering with Behrend Builders is an amazing learning experience. Behrend volunteers learn valuable construction skills and have the opportunity to explore and engage with social justice issues.

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Founded 20 years ago, Behrend Builders is the only program of its kind in the Washington D.C. area. It operates throughout the year providing one-day and longer-term projects for groups of volunteers. Behrend Builders has established close relationships with non-profit, social service agencies throughout the city that rely on Behrend Builders to provide necessary renovation and repair services.


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Behrend Builders Testimonial 2

"This is a personal thank you [to Maggio Roofing] from deep down in our hearts for ‘a roof for mom’.  This is truly a blessing. God heard our cries for help! We are so happy. My elderly, handicap mom even looks better and resting much better without  hearing the sounds of rain water pouring in the many buckets and pots throughout the bedrooms. We owe our hearts and soul to you as the donors and the many volunteers who made all of this possible through the Behrend Builders." - The Alston family

We couldn't do this work without the help we receive from our partners and donors!

Randy Bacon
Director, Behrend Builders
Co-Director, Days of Service
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Peter Luck
Coordinator, Behrend Builders
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