Behrend Builders
Our award winning volunteer program, was established to meet the critical needs of Washington's low-income housing community and to supplement DC's over extended social service agencies. Behrend Builders engages volunteers in repairing, rebuilding, and renovating low-income homes, shelters, schools, and community centers.
Training is provided on-site and experienced Program Managers supervise all projects. No skills or previous renovation experience is necessary.

Founded 20 years ago, Behrend Builders is the only program of its kind in the Washington D.C. area. It operates throughout the year providing one-day and longer-term projects for groups of volunteers. Behrend Builders has established close relationships with non-profit, social service agencies throughout the city that rely on Behrend Builders to provide necessary renovation and repair services.

Here are some testimonials from the 2015 Senior Class of Holton-Arms School:
· I realized how close to home poverty and homelessness is. It's not just the underdeveloped countries- it's right down the street.
· Homelessness can happen to anyone.
· This experience makes us appreciate what we have.
· It was nice to make something feel more like home for those who don't have a place of their own.
· This was a great experience. I enjoyed making a difference in the lives of other people.

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Volunteering with Behrend Builders is an amazing learning experience. Behrend volunteers learn valuable construction skills and have the opportunity to explore and engage with social justice issues.

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Coordinator, Behrend Builders
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