The MCCCS's award winning volunteer program, Behrend Builders, was established to meet the critical needs of Washington's low-income housing community and to supplement DC's over extended social service agencies. Behrend Builders creates volunteer activities to repair, rebuild and renovate low-income homes, homeless shelters, schools, community centers, and non-profits in the DC Metro Area.

Founded 20 years ago, Behrend Builders is the only program of its kind in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. It operates throughout the year providing one-day or longer-term projects for groups of volunteers. Behrend Builders has established close relationships with non-profit, social service agencies throughout the city that rely on Behrend Builders to provide necessary renovation and repair services. Volunteers are recruited through local schools and universities, the Washington DCJCC's extensive outreach efforts, and through local businesses and organizations.

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No skills or previous renovation experience are necessary. Training is given on-site and an experienced Behrend Builder program manager carefully supervises all projects. Behrend Builders program managers are trained professionals who have skills in various trades, managing people, and projects. 

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Volunteering with Behrend Builders is always an amazing learning experience. Behrend volunteers not only learn valuable construction skills like painting and basic carpentry, but also have the opportunity to explore and engage with social justice issues that the DC community struggles with everyday.

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Email Behrend Builders Program Coordinator, Tzvi Darling.                     

Client Testimonials

Family of Six
• Since you have come into our lives, I feel nothing but love. I now know that people care. You make sure I'm doing well in school. I'm able to focus more on school knowing that when I come home we have a great house to come to. No more worrying. I'm now focused on school and succeeding. Life is great and I'm enjoying every minute of it. They say "A home is where your heart is" but now I'm proud to call my house my home. Thank you and Thank God we know you. -Funmi (15)
• I just give thanks to Behrend Builders for helping us by repairing our ceiling and renovating our kitchen. Also for giving us Christmas presents. -Junior (10)
• Thank you for fixing our house. You really outdid yourself and I thank you very much. I hope I showed my appreciation enough. God bless you and your volunteers. -Ozioma (8)

Shelter Director
I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful job that you did on Monday which happens to be a significant day of volunteering - MLK Day. The volunteers made a huge difference in our shelter, the clothing room can now actually be called as such. My clients will have a clear view what is available and what they want. Thanks for your timely intervention and I hope we will continue to collaborate on other projects that bears the same interest. 

Thanks Behrend Builders and the DCJCC
-Augustine Frazer, MSW, Senior Program Manager, Catholic Charities DC 

Special Thank You for In-Kind Donations


Note: While Behrend Builders operates through the Washington DC Jewish Community Center, we welcome volunteers of all faiths and will never ask any volunteer to engage in religious practice of any kind.