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Past Projects
July 18, 2015: Berkeley Research Group assembled and installed kitchen cabinets in four units at the new facility of Open Arms Housing, which provides permanent supportive housing to formerly chronically homeless women suffering from mental illness. 
June 14, 2015: EntryPointDC partnered with Behrend Builders and brought a group of volunteers to CCNV Homeless Shelter to paint and clean the women's recreation room.
June 5-7, 2015: Behrend Builders took a group of seven volunteers to the Jersey Shore to repair homes that were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.
May 6, 2015: The JCCA Merrin Teen Fellows prepared healthy salads and then distributed them to the day laborers at Home Depot. 
May 3, 2015: Behrend Builders took a group from Fabrangen and Tifereth Israel to repair a home in Capitol Hill. We installed a hand rail, gutted the kitchen and fixed up and painted the front rooms.
April 25, 2015: Dreams for Kids and the DCJCC hosted a prom for kids with diabilities. Everyone had a great night!
April 19, 2015: Teens from BBYO Howard County prepared snack bags at the DCJCC for distribution by DC Central Kitchen.
April 16, 2015: For his Bar Mitzvah service project, we took Ethan and his mom to Refuge of Hope to finish the painting project we had previously started.
March 29, 2015: Behrend Builders took a group of volunteers from FEMA corps. to a house in Hyattsville, Maryland where we gutted the basement that was destroyed and moldy from water damage.
March 28, 2015: Students from Allegheny College came to the DCJCC to make snack bags and then distributed them at CCNV Homeless Shelter.
March 21, 2015: Two volunteer groups, one from AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps and one from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity of George Washington University painted the hallways of Open Arms Housing.
March 15, 2015: For Good Deeds Day, Behrend Builders took the Mitzvah Mavens of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington to Refuge of Hope to finish mudding and taping the sheetrock and do some painting.
February 9-10, 2015: For Maret School's Intensive Study Week, we took 14 students to Refuge of Hope, a space being converted from a drug den into a community center. We mudded and taped sheetrock and painted other rooms. It's well on its way!
January 19, 2015: For this year's MLK Day, we had 80 volunteers at the Community for Creative Non-Violence, CCNV, the largest homeless shelter in DC, painting and cleaning the lunch room and TV room. The shelter looks so much brighter now!
December 25, 2014: As part of the DCJCC's annual D25 day of service, Behrend Builders took a group of 100 volunteers to Roosevelt High School and painted the second floor hallways and lockers in their school colors blue and orange!
November 11, 2014: Eagle Hill Consulting Firm spent Veteran's Day with us, hanging sheetrock, taping, mudding and painting at Refuge of Hope. These buildings require a ton of work and this was a great start to getting the buildings back in shape.
October 24, 2014: For Maret School's annual Day of Service, we took some sophomores, juniors, and seniors to paint some dorms and hallways in the New York Avenue Men's Homeless Shelter. It's amazing what a little cleaning and painting can do!
October 19, 2014: The pledge class of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at George Washington University painted the halls of Roosevelt High School. The school looks great!
September 12, 2014: The senior class of Holton-Arms school painted and cleaned dorms in the New York Avenue Men's Homeless Shelter. They then passed out water bottles  to some of the men that the shelter serves. See some of their testimonials here!
May 30, 2014:  NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, paired with Behrend Builders for a day of service while at their conference in DC. Behrend had 35 high school students and NCSY staff rejuvenate five Sasha Bruce apartments for homeless youth. Our volunteers painted apartments, repaired the handicap ramp, and did a ton of landscaping.
May 22, 2014: A longterm client of ours has long been in need of a new kitchen floor. One of the residents now needs a home health care aid to live in the home. To make this possible Behrend staff had to compete the floor. Over two days a new subfloor and covering was installed. The home is really coming together now and the clients have never been so happy.
May 21, 2014: DCJCC staff with a few community volunteers completed the project at Nativity shelter by installing insulation and drywall. The finished project is looking great and the residents are very pleased that so many people have been helping them.
May 18, 2014: Volunteers for an Open Build, gave their time on a very nice weekend to help out one of our partners, Open Arms Housing. The apartments will be converted into transitional housing units for formerly homeless women.
April 19, 2014: Berkley Research Group volunteers spend the day painting bedrooms and landscaping at one of our new client's home in NW DC. The clients were so pleased with their work that it brought them to tears. A special thank you to Berkley Research Group for volunteering with the DCJCC throughout the year.
April 6, 2014: Good Deeds Day brought us back to NY AVE Men's shelter to complete painting a few more dorm rooms. Volunteers got to clean and brighten up these dorms and then hand out 200+ lunches to the residents.
March 16-17, 2014: University of Massachusetts Amherst alternative spring break group came to DC for a week to volunteer throughout the District with 20 students. We were very pleased to have such dedicated hard workers help us paint the entrance to Roosevelt High School with their school colors and two seniors' homes. Our senior clients were so happy to have their home revitalized after many years in disrepair. 

February 10-12, 2014: Maret School once again sent 15 students and 2 teachers to transform a home in NW DC. Living in the family home of four seniors with disabilities. The home was in dire need of repairs, cleaning, and general beautification. Over three days the home came alive and the outcome was beautiful. The project touched all those involved. Click here for the photos.
January 20, 2014: This year in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Behrend Builders brought about 100 volunteers to New York Ave Men's Shelter. We spend a full day cleaning dorms and hallways, painting rooms and doors, and building shelves for a donation room. It was a truly productive and meaningful day for all involved. We will be back to the shelter to continue to help those in need. Click here for the photos.
December 25, 2013: As part of the DCJCC’s December 25th Day of Service (D25). Eighty volunteers that painted the whole of Mary’s Center medical clinic for Women, Infants, and children in Silver Spring. Click here for the photos.

December 9, 2013: The Behrend staff installed window blinds and sealed air leaks from the furnace. The home is a part of a long term relationship with an elderly client.

November 13, 2013: The Behrend Builder staff returned to a client's home to fix and reinstall a furnace. This senior hasn't had his whole home heated in two years. Now he will be nice and cozy all winter.

November 5-7, 2013: A small, but dedicated group of volunteers replaced three large glass windows at Nativity Shelter. The pervious windows were not adequate for winter and in disrepair. Due to a very special donation, we were able to get new windows and install them.

November 3, 2013: A group of volunteers gutted a home with a senior citizen. The home experienced a fire in the back room. We hope in the next project to go back and make a clean and usable room. This is with our newest partner, Office on Aging of the District of Columbia. 

October 12-13, 2013: The College of Charleston Bonner Leadership Group drove up to Sliver Spring, MD to work with Behrend Builders. The group of college students painted Mary's Center's medical clinic for low-income families. They spent two days brighting up the whole facility.

September 14, 2013: Holton-Arms school returned to work with Behrend Builders for another enriching day of service. Over 80 high school seniors painted rooms and hallways at Nativity Homeless Shelter. The high school students from Holton-Arms had a fun time learning about the shelter, painting the rooms, and hanging out with each other.

May 5, 2013: Our longtime friends at Sidwell Friends School showed off their green thumbs while landscaping at Fortitude Housing and the Southeast Family Center. They helped create a more welcoming space for families in need!
April 28, 2013: Behrend Builders led an OpenBuild with our friends at Yachad! We helped renovate the home of an elderly widow plagued with back issues by building her new ceilings and storage space.  
April 19, 2013: The DCJCC hosted 8 foreign high school students studying in the U.S. through the FLEX program to learn about volunteering and vulnerable populations in this country. With Behrend Builders, the students made lunch bags for the homeless and passed them out to 100 homeless individuals, allowing the students to converse with them and see homelessness in DC firsthand.

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