Year-Round Opportunities

Hunger Action
In the District, one in every eight households struggles with hunger. Join the DCJCC to combat hunger within our community by mixing, chopping and preparing meals for local shelters. Be a part of this valuable undertaking by preparing food for individuals and local shelters in need.  Either at the DCJCC or at DC Central Kitchen.

Jubilee Jobs

Prepare someone to rejoin the workforce. Utilize your interview skills and experience to help local job seekers. Conduct mock interviews with clients and provide feedback to refine their interview skills. The DCJCC collaborates with Jubilee Jobs who helped nearly 1,000 individuals obtain employment last year. On-site training and tools are provided to volunteers - no previous experience required.

Books to Prisons
Share your love of reading by sending donated reading materials to prisoners. Books to Prisons provides a critical link between citizens who are incarcerated and those outside prison walls. Volunteers respond to requests from prisoners (received via mail) for books relating to their specific interests.

Handmade for the Homeless

Connect with fellow knitters and crocheters to craft warm winter items for the homeless; all skill levels are welcome. Whether you’re a pro or just learning, Handmade for the Homeless allows volunteers to warm those living on the streets with handmade hats, gloves, and scarves. Click here for more information


Behrend Builders

Revitalize local shelters, low-income family homes, and public schools alongside coworkers, family, friends, social groups, or join an open build. No skills necessary and all tools and equipment will be provided.

Before Volunteers at work After
Before Volunteers at work After

Erica Steen
Director, Community Engagement
(202) 777-3255

Randy Bacon
Director, Behrend Builders
(202) 777-3244

Elena Frenkel
Coordinator, Engagement and Community Service
(202) 777-3207

Mil Dranoff
Coordinator, Behrend Builders
(202) 777-3245

Efrat Givaty
Social Justice Fellow
(202) 777- 3206

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